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Reusable Grocery Bags

 By: Jayam

The Problem:

  Many people think that reusable bags are the best way to go when grocery shopping, but is it really? Recent studies have shown that 99% of these bags used for grocery shopping were highly contaminated with bacteria. The way it happens is that you put something like meat into the bag, then the plastic packaging leaks. The "meat juice" contaminates the bag and fungi/bacteria grows. When you put in fruits and vegetables, they get the bacteria on them. If you don't wash the food properly and thoroughly, the bacteria might not be completely washed off, and once you eat it, you get sick.

 The Solution:

The solution is simple. All that you would have to do is wash your reusable bag after every time that you return from the grocery store. Though it seems easy enough, it also has a flaw. If your washing your bag every time, this can cost a lot of money, as well as waste water. The average cost to wash it is about $150 per year. Just throw it into your laundry hamper and wash it when you do your normal load. You're probably only going to go to the store once or twice a week. This is the same rate of laundry too. Another solution is to use paper bags. It may not be one of the best solutions, but it does do good because paper is a renewable resource, and plastic is not, since it is made from oil. If you just do this, then you can stay healthy, and still stay GREEN.