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 Making a Greener Earth, One Step at a time.


 USagain Contest by Madhu

Still having second thoughts about

 donating to the USAgain bins at school?

If school pride and news coverage aren’t

enough for you, keep reading to find out

the benefits of donating that USAgain offers.

USagain Contest Article


  New Addition!!!!

    "Extra, extra! Green Lancers have just recently added a new tab full of letters!" Not the letters of the alphabet, but the letters to the school principal on how we, at Larsen, can be more sustainable. Plus, we've added a new interview on Ms. Bhatia, two new articles, "How Buildings are Becoming Environmentally Friendly" and "Recycling in School". Go visit them now!!!

2013- 2014 School Year



 Written by Kira, Brandon, and Kyle


What is the Green Team?

The Green Team is a group of students dedicated to making their school and the Earth a greener place. These students are all volunteers, and they choose what they want to do.

What is our mission?

The Green Team’s mission is to Educate, Reduce, and Apply the knowledge they have learned. We want to teach others to be green, starting at our school. As a team we will use that influence to inform others. The next step is to be environmentally friendly around our school so to set a good example. The last step to our mission is to apply what we have learned and done, to ensure that others will continue being green. From that point we can involve others further than our school, to encourage as many people as we can to make a greener Earth.

How will we do it?

The Green Team has started various projects at our school to promote being green. We also have announcements every week to educate the students on what’s going on and how they can help. The Green Team does small eco-friendly things around the school that have a big impact on how much energy our school saves. This website is the newest addition to our plan, and we hope that it can help us with being green.








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